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18 Jan Hikvision AX PRO wireless security systems
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Kas yra AX PRO belaidė apsaugos sistema? AX PRO - tai neįtikėtinas naujas dizainas, kuris sujungia galingas ir patikimas praeities apsaugos sistemas su geriausių rytojaus technologijų paprastumu.AX PR..
18 Jan AJAX wireless security system
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AJAX systemIf you think that the interior of your home is perfect and any sensors attached to the walls will ruin it, then this system is just for you. Sensors with a modern and modern design will not..
12 May Stolen REOLINK camera? We present what is important to know!
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Stolen REOLINK camera? We present what is important to know!The most important thing is to save the UID and IMEI numbers separately from the REOLINK app (where you will find them in the video), becaus..
01 Dec Formatting a Reolink GO 4G LTE memory card
20 Nov Reolink GO 4G LTE GMAIL email configuration
13 Aug Reolink Go 4G camera review
17 Jul Connecting to a Hikvision video recorder
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Connecting to a Hikvision Recorder using - InternetExplorerOpen Internet Explorer (for Windows 10 users, see the note at the end of this guide). We enter the IP address instead of the address. If the ..
17 Jul Hikvision iVMS-4200 Record Review
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Hikvision iVMS-4200 Record Review..
17 Jul iVMS-4200 Installation Instructions
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iVMS-4200 Installation Instructions1 step:2 step:3 step:4 step:5 step:6 step:7 step:8 step:9 step:10 step:11 step:12 step:13 step:14 step:15 step:16 step:17 step:18 žingsnis:19 žingsnis:..
17 Jul Changing the camera names of the iVMS-4200 application
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In this information article, we'll show you how to change the camera names in the iVMS-4200 software. It should be noted that the names here change only in the program on your computer. If you use thi..
17 Jul Installing the iVMS-4500 application for smart devices
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Installing the iVMS-4500 application for smart devices                                                                                                                                                  ..
17 Jul Backup Suprema Biostar Software
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Suprema Biostar software backups  The use of Suprema Biostar software is also recommended when using Suprema fingerprint devices. But a common question is: how do I back up? The software itself has no..
17 Jul Setting up the Zyxel GS1900-8HP Controlled Switch
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Setting up the Zyxel GS1900-8HP Controlled Switch     The switch Zyxel GS1900-8HP has 8 PoE ports according to the technical specification. However, many customers buy only 4 PoE ports after purchasin..
17 Jul Hikvision camera and memory card settings
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So, when you insert a memory card into your camera, we do the following:Select the camera configuration [Configurations];Going to the Advanced Settings [Advanced Configuration];Note the cache settings..
17 Jul Indoor video surveillance
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Indoor video surveillance    With regard to CCTV in commercial properties, the main tasks are: • Effective control; • Availability of information; • Process monitoring; • Prevention of adverse ..
17 Jul Connection of siren MR-100 / MR-300 to GSM control panel ESIM264 / 364
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Connection of siren MR-100 / MR-300 to GSM control panel ESIM264 / 364 As many questions arise regarding the connection of sirens to control panels, we will explain the basic principles of siren co..
17 Jul Safe House - unemployment thieves
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Which security system should I choose? Depending on your type of accommodation, the choice is different. If you live in an apartment building, not only the protection of your apartment, but also ..
17 Jul Selection of security system for people living in rural areas
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Each case is individual and it is simple to say which security system to choose would be irresponsible. Therefore, it is first necessary to assess the area, the potential risks, to calculate the c..
17 Jul Let's keep the home safe during the holidays
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The New Year's Tale can turn into a tragedy when we find stolen or otherwise destroyed homes after the holidays return. And worse, if we misbehave holiday attributes we cause a fire. That is why w..
17 Jul GSM module connection with DSC control panels
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When it comes to DSC control panels, it is a common problem that DSC does not have its own GSM module to fully control the control panel and receive full notification messages. This problem was solved..
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