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XP DEUS 2 kit with 28CM coil and WS6 headphones

XP DEUS 2 kit with 28CM coil and WS6 headphones
XP DEUS 2 kit with 28CM coil and WS6 headphones
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XP DEUS II - new. Sealed up to 20m, wireless, multi-frequency metal detector

Equipment: remote control, 28cm coil with protection, WS6 wireless headphones

The world's first fully wireless multi-frequency (FMF technology) and hermetic metal detector up to 20m!

Extremely light (750g in hand)

Hermetic up to 20m - a great alternative to many real divers + shockproof

FMF technology - many frequencies work quickly at the same time (depending on the selected program, different frequency bands are used, noisy frequencies are switched off)

49 frequencies from 4 to 45kHz - in reality everything is needed for Lithuanian soils and even a little more

12 factory applications + 12 user can create their own and save as their own

Adjustable volume of the console, the sound is twice as loud as DEUS

easy-to-use and convenient remote control buttons + lock for diving

Sound sets for all tastes to be added in the future.

Comes with the WS6 wireless headphones, which have a larger graphics screen, and 4 buttons for control - ergonomic headphones that can work independently. Protected from rain

Innovative underwater headphones that transmit sound through bone tissue (optional)

Includes 28cm FMF coil operating in the 4 to 45kHz frequency range (49 single frequencies or FMF)

  • A new revolution! XP is once again pushing the boundaries by creating the first wireless, multi-frequency, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and capabilities. By pairing the coil, remote control, headphones and pinpointer (MI-6), they communicate with each other wirelessly and without delay - using XP's patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the search coil are transmitted to the headphones quickly, without any delay, giving the DEUS II unparalleled speed and accuracy. Thanks to FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology, the DEUS II works perfectly in all conditions, both on land and on the sea.
  • WS6 Wireless Headphones: Uses a highly detailed graphic display, can play 3 roles: 1. In Slave mode, when the main functions are performed by the DEUS II, the WS6 only works as a wireless headset. 2. In "Master" + headset mode (transition required + wired headphones, information displayed on the screen), in this mode they perform the control function and the remote control is not required. The WSAII and WSAII XL headphones to which the WS6 will be able to transmit audio will be available soon. 3. WS6 in Master mode only. The headphones are in place on the ears and no additional accessories are required, the headphones perform a control function. In this configuration, no screen information is displayed until the headset is removed.
  • Underwater work. As mentioned, the DEUS 2 dives to a depth of 20m (a real competitor to the underwater MD + clear water shows the ID on the screen - which the underwater does not do). The buttons on the screen are very soft and easier to press, but at a greater depth they are pressed, so the dive lock is used - the buttons lock and no longer react to the water pressure. A key combination is required to unlock. Additional wired headphones that transmit sound through the jaw allow you to hear sounds much better in the water. The underwater antenna used, which is more firmly attached, has hooks prepared on the console to hold it firmly.
  • Optional: BH-01 wired headphones. They are perfect both underwater (hermetic up to 20m) and in noisy environments, as the sound is transmitted through human bone tissue, so there is no need to raise the sound and damage your ears, and the environment can be heard because the ears are not covered.
  • Program control panel (12 factory programs + 12 user allowed to create their own)

DEUS II has a wide range of applications - a powerful advantage for all soil conditions.

  4. FAST: FMF
  5. PARK: FMF
  11. BEACH: FMF
  • pairing with MI-6 pinpointer.
  • The battery life of the wireless remote control is up to 30 hours, depending on the activated audio output.
  • Warranty: 5 years
Laimonas 28/04/2022

Puikus aptarnavimas ir puikus produktas.

Daiva 15/04/2022

Padovanojau vyrui, labai liko patenkintas.

Mindaugas 19/03/2022

Labai profesionalus metalo detektorius.

Gediminas 03/03/2022

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