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FW2-SMK Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

FW2-SMK Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector
FW2-SMK Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector
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It is a two way wireless photoelectric smoke & heat detector using low current technology. The detector automatically compensates for long-term environmentally induced changes to maintain a constant smoke sensitivity. When the drift compensation has reached its high or low limit of adjustment, the detector will go into the trouble state. The heat detector will go into alarm when the heat signal level exceeds the heat alarm threshold and will automatically restore when the heat signal level falls below the heat alarm threshold.


  • Wireless Smoke/Heat detector

  • 2 Way communications

  • Available in 868Mhz or 916Mhz 

  • Battery CR123A operated

  • Battery life more than 3 years

Detection Method - Photoelectric Smoke Detector
Modulation Type - GFSK
Frequency Band - 868-869MHz / 916-917MHZ
Identification - Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Event Transmission - Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Battery
LED Indications - LED during alarm
Range in open space - 500 m
Tamper Switch - Front cover removal & Back tamper
Detection Sensitivity - 2.3+1.2%/ft
Alarm Sound Level - 85 db at 3 m Audible Warning Built-in horn beeps ones Test mode Or Alarm
Power Supply - Lithium 3V battery type CR123 / Size 2/3AA
Battery Life - Up to 3 years
Operating Temperature -10°C to +5°C
Dimensions - 115mm x 40mm
STANDARD COMPLIANCE - EN 50130-4+A1+A2, EN301489-3, EN300220-1, EN60950-1, EN61000-6-3, EN50371, EN301489-1, EN14604

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