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Access card reader/controller PR311-BK-L

Access card reader/controller PR311-BK-L
Access card reader/controller PR311-BK-L
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  • Model: Atstuminių kortelių skaitytuvas/kontroleris PR311-BK-L

Model PR311-BK-L
Protection class IP65
Operating frequency 125 kHz
Weight 130 g
Current consumption is 50 mA
Number of users 1000
Dimensions (PxAxG) 100x40x25 mm
Power supply 10 - 16 V DC
Card reading distance up to 15 cm
Operating temperature -25 - +60


PR311-BK has a proximity reader, three NO / NC type outputs and inputs (two transistor and one relay). The PR311-BK can be combined with an external XM-2 I / O expansion module and external PRT series scanners to provide 5 programmable outputs. The XM-2 module increases the level of security by separating logic units (controllers) from active elements (door valves). An optional PRT scanner can operate the door on both sides. The PR311-BK can also be used in standalone mode or integrated in the access control system. Offline mode does not record events and cannot set a time schedule.

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