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Breathalysers are designed to detect the concentration of alcohol in the breath.

Semi-professional electrochemical breathalysers.

Alcotesters with simple handling and high technological level. These breathalysers are equipped with an electrochemical sensor, are more accurate, more reliable and last longer than breathalysers with a semiconductor sensor. All these breathalysers are characterised by their high speed, cost-effectiveness and excellent design. Electrochemical breathalysers are designed to perform a higher number of simultaneous tests (compared to semiconductor breathalysers), making them ideal for both employee testing and personal use.

If you don't know which electrochemical breathalyser is right for you, please contact us and we will help you. We'll show you all the different models of breathalysers, give you advice and help you choose the one that's right for you.

Professional breathalysers.

These breathalysers are designed with the latest, most advanced technology. Professional breathalysers, which have advanced features, allow faster and more accurate measurements. Depending on the model of the breathalyser, you can choose a device that prints the measurement results on the receipt, has the ability to adjust the puff rate and time, and other features that ensure accurate results and ease of use.

We recommend this type of breathalyser to customers who are looking for strict accuracy and durability.

Professional breathalysers are also designed for employee screening. These breathalysers are of high quality and recover quickly from a previous test. Professional breathalysers are mostly used in medium and large companies.

If you don't know exactly which professional breathalyser is right for you, contact us. We will provide you with information on the different models of breathalysers, the differences between them and advice on the best choice.

Alcotesters with metrological verification.

Our and most of our customers' favourite model - Drager, with metrological verification. This type of breathalyser is designed for intensive testing of employees in companies. These breathalysers are distinguished by their accuracy, excellent performance and a wide range of additional features that facilitate data management and archiving.

If you are not sure which metrologically verified breathalyser is right for you, please contact us and we will help you. We will show you all the different models of breathalysers and their differences, and advise you on the best choice to meet your expectations.

Accessories for breathalysers.

Disposable tips for breathalysers, software, calibration equipment cases, paper for breathalyser printers and other accessories for breathalysers. If you can't find the right accessory for your breathalyser, please contact us and we will help you.

Please also note that we also provide calibration and maintenance services for breathalysers.

Alcotester rules of use:

- After drinking, eating, smoking, at least 20 minutes must pass before you can test. This is approximately how long it takes for alcohol to pass from the digestive organs into the bloodstream. Also, within 20 minutes of consuming alcohol, the concentrated alcohol vapours in the oral cavity, which can damage the sensor of the breathalyser, are broken down.
- The test is not recommended to be carried out in an unventilated or windy environment.
- Do not blow cigarette smoke into the breathalyser as this may damage the breathalyser sensor.
- Use and store the alcotester within the temperature limits specified in the technical specification. Otherwise, inaccurate results may occur.
- It is recommended to calibrate the breathalyser at least every 6 to 12 months according to the conditions specified in the manual.
- Do not leave the device plugged in when not in use.
- Avoid conducting the test if you smell any kind of alcohol or acetone in the vicinity - this may affect the accuracy of the result.
- Conditions that affect the level of ketones in exhaled breath (people with obesity, low-calorie diets) may show a positive test even though you have not consumed alcohol.
- Test results can go up or down depending on many factors. Taking the test and repeating it a few minutes later does not necessarily mean you will see the same result.
- Do not let others drive and do not drive yourself if you have consumed alcohol.
The Dräger 4000 breathalyzer is designed for responsible drivers, which provides a reliable way to check the smell of alcohol and guarantees permissible driving. This is ensured by the accurate measurement technology used by the police: more than 30 million alcohol odors are checked each year.Fast a..
Su PVM 361.79€
Description:The purpose of the measuring device is:• measure the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air using a disposable air intake tube for the device;• measure the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air in a non-contact manner, indicating whether alcohol has been found or not;• Store s..
Su PVM 1,427.80€
The tips are for the Alcohol tester Drager 4000. Pack of 5...
Su PVM 12.10€
Technical specifications: category                                             ..
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category semi-professional alcotester Sensor    electrochemical platinum Error    ± 0.05 ‰ to 1.00 ‰; ± 5% above 1.00 ‰ The result is displayed    every 0.01 per milliliter Measurement range    from 0.00 to 4.00 per milliliter Display ..
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Disposable tips for Alcovisor Pluto, Mars and Satellite alcotesters. Pack of 20 pieces...
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Alcotester Drager 6000The Dräger Alcotest 6000 makes it easy to check the amount of alcohol in your breath.The alcotester has a wide measuring range from 0.00 ~ 2.50 mg / L (0.00 ~ 5.25 ‰) and is ready for use almost immediately after start-up. Measurements can be made in the temperature range ..
Su PVM 495.00€
Alcotester tips for CA-9000 LT Professional, AlcoFind Elite and Alcoway, BACWAY F-40, BACscan models. The tips are individually packaged in hygienic packaging so you can choose any amount you need...
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Technical specifications: category                                             ..
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Technical specifications:KategorijaProfesionalus alkotesterisŠalis gamintojaPietų KorėjaJutiklisPlatinos elektrocheminis (Pro)Garantija12 mėnesių, aptarnavimas Lietuvoje.Pasyvus testasPrietaisas naudojamas be vienkartinių antgaliųKalibravimasKalibravimas arba jutiklio keitimasKalibravimo dažnumasRek..
Su PVM 649.50€
Technical data: Category                                              &nbs..
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Technical specifications: Category                                            &nbs..
Su PVM 89.00€
Technical data:  Category                                             &nbs..
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Technical data:Category                                               ..
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Technical data Category                                               ..
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