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Sonoff SPM 4Relay

Sonoff SPM 4Relay
Sonoff SPM 4Relay
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  • Model: Sonoff SPM 4Relay

Sonoff SPM 4Relay

The SPM-4RELAY is the relay unit that needs the SPM-MAIN main unit to work. The SPM devices are great stackable power measurement devices for especially usage in bigger building like malls or at offices.

  • Power measurement (current, power, voltage) and switch to easily build in a fuse box
  • DIN-rail compatible
  • Do not use this device as safety fuse!
  • Stackable up to 32 SPM-4RELAY units of each 4 relays (so 128 channels in total)
  • Requires at least the SPM-MAIN main unit
  • Each channel of the SPM-4Relay unit supports a maximum of 20A
  • RS-485 communication between SPM-MAIN main unit and SPM-4RELAY units
  • Overload protection

Supported features:

  • Schedule
  • Timer
  • Loop timer
  • Find me (pressing Find Me button on eWeLink app will blink indicator on corresponding SPM-4RELAY unit)
  • Power consumption history records
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 250 × 90 × 67 mm
  • Brand: Sonoff
  • Power supply: 100 – 240V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, AC
  • Maximum current (ampere): Per gang: 20, Total: 80
  • Gangs: 4
  • Extras: OPS, power measurement, power metering, power monitoring

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