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Weapon storage safes for storing

Weapon safes are a must-have for every hunter. At you will find safes for storing hunting weapons. Safes for weapons comply with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, which regulate the possession of hunting, self-defense or sports weapons. A safe for a weapon is a necessary means of self-protection not only from thieves, but also from children. The weapons safe on our website is one of the most popular items that can be ordered easily and quickly online. In the online catalog of "VS sistemos" you can find the desired safe at a price that satisfies you.

VALBERG weapon storage safes for storing 1 to 5 rifles. Holds European certificates from IMP confirming that burglary resistance tests have been carried out in accordance with standard EN 14450; class S1. Steel thickness 3-6 mm.
In Lithuania, about 50 thousand. keeps one or another weapon in people’s homes. Most of them are for self-defense, others are for hunting. According to the rules of storage of weapons and ammunition valid in Lithuania, all weapons must be kept in safes.

Applying these requirements gives rise to certain nuances. The very primitive rules that were in place from 1992 to 2012, which required the safe to have a safe lock and metal walls at least 3 mm thick, caused a great deal of confusion. The inspectors inspecting the safes had to determine the thickness of the walls out of sight, as there was simply no other way to do it. At that time, a number of low-quality safes made of 2 mm and sometimes even 1.5 mm thick sheet metal covered with a thick layer of paint appeared on the market. This has distorted the market and created many low-quality, low-security safes.

On the other hand, technology is evolving, materials are changing: polymers stronger than steel are emerging. Production of weapons safes with glass on the door or wall was started, so that collectible weapons could be inspected without opening the safe. Such a safe would not, at first sight, meet any of the requirements set out above.

The situation changed slightly in 2012. on September 28, after the Minister of the Interior issued Order no. 5-V-655, which amended the said law. Under this legislation, weapons can be stored in certified safes with a security class of at least that specified in EN 14450 standard S1. Weapons can now be stored not only in metal but also in safes made of other materials. It can also be showcase certified safes. This has certainly not been allowed before.

However, even after the change in the law, some requirements remained ambiguous or simply very abstract. For example, whether we hold 1, 5 or even 12 weapons, the requirements for a safe remain the same: according to p. 35.2.2. the weapon (s) must be stored in a 'metal cabinet (safe) attached to the floor or walls which complies with the requirements of EN 1143-1 or EN-14450 S1 or S2 for metal cabinets in force in the European Union for safes and storage doors; or in a metal cabinet (safe) fixed to the floor or walls, the walls of which must be not less than 3 millimeters long and which is locked with a reliable internal plate or code lock mounted inside the metal cabinet (safe) in such a way as to prevent mechanical impact from the outside. (on the outside of the metal cabinet (safe) door there is only an opening for inserting the key into the lock) ”. It should be noted that in most European countries, the requirements for the security class of safes also differ depending on the number of weapons stored.

* ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGESafe ARSENAL 1253 (83kg; 1250x545x345)..
Su PVM 569.91€
* ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGESafe ARSENAL 1253 EL (83kg; 1250x545x345)..
Su PVM 759.88€
* ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGEARSENAL 1423 (43 kg; 1450x210x280)..
Su PVM 429.55€
* ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGESafe ARSENAL 1433 (55kg; 1450x255x345)..
Su PVM 469.48€
* ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGESafe ARSENAL 1433 EL (55kg; 1450x255x345)..
Su PVM 659.45€
Su PVM 499.73€
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