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V32 Paradox Imperial control panel

V32 Paradox Imperial control panel
V32 Paradox Imperial control panel
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  • Model: V32

Model V32

Number of zones 384
User Codes 999
Addressable modules 511
Security Event Memory 2000
Number of doors 64 doors (original system license for 4 doors, additional license for 16, 32, 48 or 64 doors)
Schedules 256
Access levels 256
4000 user cards
Access Control Event Memory 32000
Restrict re-entry Yes
MAMA outputs Up to 512 (initial system license for 8 outputs, additional license for 32, 64, 128, 192, 256, 384 or 512 outputs)
Output Control High / Low Voltage
Lighting control On / off, lighting intensity control
Macros 16 for each MAMA output
Home Automation Event Memory 10000
Multibus communication coded bus Quad 500bps
66MHz processor, 32bit
Memory 32Mb
Wired Area Inputs 8
PGM outputs 4 integrated (+1 relay)
Connection of two-wire fire detectors Yes
Siren output 1 is controlled
Power circuit output 1 is controlled with a key for manual on / off
Telephone line 1 is controlled
TCP / IP Port Built-in (10 / 100Mbps)
USB port Built-in

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