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Metal detector NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX WHP + gift

Metal detector NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX WHP + gift
Metal detector NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX WHP + gift
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For years, newcomers have been forced to buy old-fashioned, flimsy, strange-colored metal detectors that laughed at least a bit of a proficient seeker. Beginners with jealousy were able to watch colleagues flutter in the water and collect a wide variety of jewelry, often with sub-luster and gold items. DD reels sounded like an expensive option and had to use tiny concentric reels, which had to be waved much more than other seekers, and had to settle for less depth. It's finally over!

For your attention - the first metal detector for beginners, with the features of serious detectors, but at an extremely low price!

Key features:

  • Protected against water up to 3m - IP68 protection class. Without competition, at such a price there is nothing close to what can be dived into such depth (let’s not talk about orange sprayable Chinese MDs)
  • Adjustable iron sound - many newbie detectors have no sound at all, here you can mute the iron sound - a much needed and convenient feature
  • Soil balance - manual and automatic when lifting - even more depth and more accurate knowledge of metals!
  • Built-in transmitter for wireless headphones - so far the newcomers have been happy to have at least wired headphones, in which not all of them are regulated, agree! (WHP also includes wireless headphones !!!)
  • Vibrating Handle - Visually or hearing impaired detectors will be able to "feel" the vibrating handle, NOKTA has thought about it!
  • Screen and button illumination - a completely unknown thing for beginner detectors manufactured so far, a great helper in low light conditions
  • Highly precisely adjustable telescopic frame - will allow you to conveniently set the required length and quickly fold the device for transport or transfer, it is very necessary to know what kind of clumsy detectors for newbies have been so far
  • Tired of buying batteries or charging removable batteries? Forget it, Simplex uses Li-Po next-generation batteries without the memory effect!
  • It's the first rookie detector on the market to be updated online - any bug fixes or new features will be available online and for free

In summary - a device without real competition. This is the best combination of features and price!

Coil protection is included!

Technical specifications:

  • Working principle: VLF
  • Operating frequency: 12kHz
  • Search modes: All metals / Field / Park / Beach
  • Audio tones: 3
  • Selective Discrimination: IS
  • Soil balance: YES (manual and lifting)
  • Pinpoint: IS
  • Vibro handle: YES
  • Frequency shift: YES
  • Sensitivity: 6 levels
  • Object ID: 0 - 99
  • Search coil: Hermetic 11 "(28cm)
  • Display: Graphic LCD
  • Screen backlight: YES
  • Button illumination: YES
  • LED Spotlight: YES
  • Weight: 1.3kg (including reel)
  • Length: 63 - 132cm (adjustable)
  • Battery: 2300mAh Li-po
  • Wireless headphones: included!
  • Warranty: 2 years
Žilvinas 05/04/2022

Labai geras daiktas. ir kaina gera ir dovanų dar gavau.

Kęstutis 21/07/2021

Kaip mėgėjui pilnai užtenka šio detektoriaus.

Tomas 07/06/2021

Rekomenduoju, Tikrai vertas dėmesio.

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