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Motion sensor Patrol-201

Motion sensor Patrol-201
Motion sensor Patrol-201
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  • Model: Patrol-201

Model Patrol-201
Detection field                                             18m x 18m; 90 °
Radio interference protection                   30V / m 10-1000Mhz
Does not catch animals                              from  5 to 20 kg
Preparation time                                         40 ± sec.
Trip delay                                                      3sec. (-0.5 sec)
Current used is                                            10 mA
Dimensions                                                  93 x 66 x 46 mm
Operating temperature                             -30 ° C to + 60 °
Power supply                                                12 V +/- 30%
Exit N.C.                                                         0.12 mA


The digital anti-inflammatory motion detector has an automatic sensitivity control algorithm that allows the sensor to be used not only in quiet rooms, but also in rooms with active heat sources (fireplaces, convection heating elements, air conditioners and other devices that produce airflows). Two automatic adjustment positions allow you to quickly select the right mode. With the aid of a potentiometer, it is easy to set the range of detector insensitivity for animals from 5 to 20 kg. The detector has a special material lens that is resistant to direct sunlight, which reduces the number of false creases.

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