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Pulsar HELION 2 XP50 PRO thermal imaging

Pulsar HELION 2 XP50 PRO thermal imaging
Pulsar HELION 2 XP50 PRO thermal imaging
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High resolution 640 x 480 pixels (17 µm) thermal image sensor

Clear and contrasting thermal images allow better identification of animals, their distinctive features and the smallest objects, e.g. branches, leaves, meadows and terrain features.

Long detection distance: up to 1800 m

The light-transmitting F50 / 1.0 lens with a highly sensitive 640x480, 17µm heat sensor allows you to detect a target over long distances. Even in complete darkness, an object of standard height (up to 1.8 m) can be detected at a distance of up to 1800 meters.

Image Detail Boost Function

On the screen of the Helion 2 Pro thermal imager, you will see a clear and high-contrast image that accurately reproduces contours and identifies even the smallest objects and areas where temperature differences are minimal. All of this allows the hunter to clearly identify objects - both the target and the background - and accurately evaluate the trophies.

What makes the Helion 2 XP50 Pro better?

Extremely light-transmitting F50 / 1.0 lens

The technical parameters of the thermal imager optics have a significant impact on the device's ability to detect objects that emit barely detectable traces of heat. The light-transmitting Helion 2 XP50 Pro (F50 / 1.0) lens and highly sensitive heat sensor ensure maximum detection efficiency. The Helion 2 XP50 Pro provides users with the best quality, detail and high contrast image, even in rain or fog, when the temperature contrast between objects is very low.

Extremely durable magnesium alloy body

The lightweight magnesium alloy housing stands out for its exceptional structural durability and resistance to external mechanical and climatic influences. The housing material effectively removes and dissipates the heat generated by the electronics. This helps ensure stable thermal imaging performance and high quality images during long-term observation.

Color HD AMOLED screen

The new 1024x768 HD AMOLED display delivers color even better, saves energy and provides high-contrast images, fast mode and image clarity and smoothness when watching moving subjects or using the device in cold weather.

Zoom in 2.5 to 20 times

Built-in digital zoom up to 8x allows you to better focus the image and recognize the subject even away from it. Zoom works in two ways: you can zoom in 2 times in a single click, or select continuous zoom and zoom in as much as the situation requires.

Integrated shooting and video recording function with 16 GB internal memory

Helion thermal imagers have a video recording function that can record high-resolution images captured and filmed during surveillance. Photos and videos from internal storage can be easily transferred to a desktop or laptop computer via wired or wireless Wi-Fi.

8 color palettes

The ability to choose from eight color palettes provides more convenience during monitoring, allowing you to resolve a variety of issues and respond to changing monitoring circumstances. White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot modes are best for detecting an object; Rainbow and Ultramarine modes provide greater object recognition and identification. Red Monochrome, Sepia and Violet modes are best for long-term night watching.

Wi-Fi. interface to iOS and Android devices

The built-in Wi-Fi module in the Helion 2 thermal imager will allow you to pair the device with smartphones or tablets that support Android and iOS operating systems. Pairing a thermal imager with smart devices allows you to stream video, download and share files, update the device software, and take advantage of other unique features.

Quick-change high-capacity battery (up to 8 hours)

The included quick-change, rechargeable battery IPS7 provides up to 8 hours. operation in maximum use mode - with a fully charged battery, the Helion can run all night. In addition, a larger capacity battery IPS14 is available, as well as a container for batteries and LR6 (AA) type batteries.

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