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Control panel KIT FLEXi SP3 WiFi & 2G KIT

Control panel KIT FLEXi SP3 WiFi & 2G KIT
Control panel KIT FLEXi SP3 WiFi & 2G KIT
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  • Model: FLEXi SP3 WiFi & 2G KIT
  • FLEXi SP3 - indoor security system control panel, installation kit;
  • Economical version of FLEXi SP3 with WiFi and 2G communication modules.
  • A set of reliable solutions will allow you to create a secure and informative burglary protection system on the basis of the control panel, and the functionality that meets modern needs will allow you to automate, maintain and manage your home or other household.
  •   WiFi should be used as the primary channel, but if it stops working, the connection automatically switches to a 2G connection.

Technical specifications:


8; selectable NCNO or EOL=2,2 kΩ type

Expandable up to 32 inputs


9 types (ON/OFF, Delay, Interior, Interior STAY, Instant, Instant STAY, 24 hours, Fire, Silent) including two-wire fire zone

Expansion modules

Up to 16, including keypads and other alarm transmitting modules


5, OC type (3x0.5A, 1x1A, 1x0.1A)

remotely controlled

Arming modes




Control codes

1 Master, and up to 39 User codes,

1 Administrator, 1 Installer, and 1 Alarm Receiving Centre

Module control

Trikdis Protegus keypads or Paradox K32, K636, K10V keypads, mobile apps, phone call, SMS, iButton key or other device


Power supply

AC 16-18 V or DC 16-24 V

Power consumption

Up to 80 mA idle running

Up to 150 mA while transmitting

Backup power supply

4-7 Ah/12 V battery



GSM modem

Quad-Band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

Communication protocols with CMS

Via GPRS (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) or with SMS messages

Message transmission

Module constantly sends messages to the main CMS receiver. In the event of lost connection, communication is switched to backup receiver

Encoding of messages

Contact ID protocol codes

Messages to users

SMS messages are sent up to 5 users

SMS text

Customized text messages

Calls to user

Yes. To 2 mobile phones, according to selected event types

Event memory

Yes. up to 2000

Internal clock


MCI bus

Yes, for an additional alarm transmitting device (G10, E10, T10 series)

Parameter setting

Via USB port using program TrikdisConfig or via GPRS from ARC

Operating environment

Temperature range -20ºC  +55ºC, when relative air humidity is 80%, at +20ºC


130 x 65 x 25 mm (only PCB)


0,10 kg


CMS – central monitoring station (ARC)

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