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Fibaro Flood Sensor for Apple Homekit

Fibaro Flood Sensor for  Apple Homekit
Fibaro Flood Sensor for Apple Homekit
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FIBARO Flood Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled water detector using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology.

The accessory alarms about flooding, whenever water is detected between its probes.

Along with detecting flooding, the accessory measures the ambient temperature.

Tampering is detected whenever the accessory is moved or casing is opened.

Technical data:

Power supply:    3.0V DC battery
Battery type:    CR123A/CR17345
EU directives compliance:    RED 2014/53/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
Radio protocol:    Bluetooth® low energy
Radio frequency:    2.4 GHz
Radio transmit power:    up to 0 dBm (EIRP)
Range:    up to 50m (free range)
(164 feet)
Operating temperature:    0-40°C (32-104°F)
Temperature measuring range:    0-40°C (32-104°F)
Temperature measuring accuracy:    ±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
Dimensions (diameter x height):    72 x 28 mm (2.8 x 1.1 inch)
Warning: Using batteries other than specified may result in explosion. Dispose of properly, observing environmental protection rules.

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