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Fibaro Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor
Fibaro Flood Sensor
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FIBARO Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible, flood and temperature sensor. Device can be battery or VDC powered. Flood alarm is sent to the Z-Wave network devices or additionally to any alarm system controller, through opening a NC contact.

The device has built in temperature sensor, monitoring temperature of e.g. floor. Flood Sensor is designed to be placed on the floor or on a wall with a flood sensor probe extended by connected wire. The device has built in visual LED indicator and acoustic alarm. LED diode signals flood, operating mode or the Z-Wave network communication range.

In addition, the sensor is equipped with a tilt sensor reporting tilt or movement to the main controller e.g. when someone has taken the Sensor from its original location.

FIBARO Flood Sensor is sink-proof, which means it drifts on the water surface and keeps on sending alarm signal in case of substantial inundation of water.

Technical data:

Power supply:                                                                                    Battery or 12–24V DC supply (LPS or NEC class 2)
Battery type:                                                                                      CR123A/CR17345 battery, 3.0V DC
Power consumption (at VDC operation)                                       0.4W
Output terminals maximum current carrying capacity:             (ALARM NC, TAMP NC)    25mA
Maximum voltage at output terminals:                                         (SMOKE NC, TAMP NC)    24V DC / 20V AC
EU standards compliance:                                                               RED 2014/53/EU
                                                                                                             RoHS 2011/65/EU
Radio protocol:                                                                                  Z-Wave
                                                                                                             Z-Wave+ (firmware 3.2 or higher)
Radio frequency:                                                                               868.4 or 869.8 MHz EU;
                                                                                                             908.4 or 916.0 MHz US;
                                                                                                             921.4 or 919.8 MHz ANZ;
                                                                                                             869.0 MHz RU;
Radio transmit power:                                                                     up to -5 dBm (EIRP)
Range:                                                                                                 up to 50 m outdoors
                                                                                                             up to 30 m indoors
                                                                                                             up to 40 m indoors (firmware 3.2 or higher)
                                                                                                            (depending on terrain and building structure)
Operational temperature:                                                               0°C to 40°C – battery powering mode
                                                                                                            -20°C to 70°C – VDC powering mode
Measured temperature range:                                                      -20°C to 100°C
Temperature measuring accuracy:                                                0.5°C (within 0 – 40°C range)
Dimensions (diameter x height):                                                    72 x 28mm

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