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Wireless socket EWM1 (Eldes)

Wireless socket EWM1 (Eldes)
Wireless socket EWM1 (Eldes)
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Power supply 230VAC, 50Hz, protection class I
Rated load current 12,5A (for resistive load – 2,8kW)
Power consumption Up to 1W
Electrical outlet Type E (EWM1-E)/ Type F (EWFM1-F)/ Type G (EWM1-G)
Wireless band ISM868
Wireless communication range Up to 30m (98.43ft) in premises; up to 150m (492.13ft) in open areas
Range of operating temperatures -20…+45°C (-4… +113°F)
Dimensions 95×53×71mm (3.74×2.09×2.80in)
Compatible with alarm systems ELDES Wireless

EWM1 is a power socket, which lets users to switch on/off and monitor power consumption of any 230V electrical appliance, such as electric heating appliances, lights, air-conditioner, watering equipment and other.

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