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ELDES belaidis modulis EWT1

ELDES belaidis modulis EWT1
ELDES belaidis modulis EWT1
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  • Model: EWT1
Model EWT1
Description         Wireless transmitter EWT1 is add-on module for ESIM264. It enables wireless transmission through security system ESIM264 and ELDES wireless devices: PIR sensors EWP1, expansion modules EW1, expansion modules EW2, indoor sirens EWS1, outdoor sirens EWS2, magnetic door/window sensors EWD1 and keyfob EWK1. It is possible to connect up to 16 wireless devices to the central security system at a time.
Wireless transmitter-receiver frequency 868 MHz
Operating temperature range -20...+55°C
Wireless communication range up to 30m in premises; up to 150m in open areas
Maximum number of wireless devices 16
Dimensions 68x38x18mm


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