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Reolink WiFi camera E1 Zoom

Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink  WiFi camera E1 Zoom
Reolink WiFi camera E1 Zoom
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  • Model: E1 Zoom

Great solution for home! Extremely easy to connect and configure, controlled via a special Reolink app on your phone.

There are endless ways to use the Reolink E1 Zoom camera in practice. Due to its small size, compactness and simple operation, it is especially suitable for baby monitoring, pet tracking, babysitting monitoring, and elderly care.

Advantages of Reolink E1 Zoom camcorder:

  • The E1 Zoom camera rotates 355 ° horizontally and 50 ° vertically (you can also do it remotely via the app!), So you won't lose sight of the image you need. You will look at everything from floor to ceiling, from window to door. You can track, for example, children playing, pets running around the house, inspecting the hallway, living room and dining room with a single E1 Zoom camera.
  • Easy to connect: Download the Reolink app, plug the camera into an electrical outlet, connect 2.4 / 5 Ghz WiFi, and you're up and running in minutes.
  • 5MP Super HD resolution. Everyday moments clearly and vividly!
  • 3X Optical Zoom - See the details below clearly (even in the dark) and control remotely via the app.
  • WiFi: 2.4 / 5 Ghz WiFi for flexible and easy wireless use.
  • Mutual sound: Talk to family or visitors directly through the camera.
  • Night Vision: Observe each baby, pet, etc. movement clearly even in the dark. 10 infrared LEDs allow you to see the image from a distance of 12 m in the dark.
  • Instant motion notifications: In-app notifications will notify you when unusual motion is detected (notifications are conveniently turned on and off in the in-app).
  • Powerful audible alarm: when motion is detected, the camera activates a warning siren or triggers a voice alert you have set / recorded (set in the app, easy to turn on / off function).
  • Watch live anytime, anywhere: See what's happening in your home (an app on your phone, tablet or PC) anytime.
  • Video before motion capture: Video recording is possible 4 seconds before motion capture. So you can view the whole event from start to finish.
  • Video recording on the go, 24/7 or on schedule: Video recording is supported continuously or when motion is captured or on a schedule.
  • Flexible and secure video recording: Insert a MicroSD card or connect the camera to a recording device.
  • Mount the camera in a convenient way: to the ceiling with a special removable mounting plate (included) or place anywhere on a flat surface (table, shelf, cabinet, window sill, etc.), you can change the location at any time.
  • Sleek design: Sleek, compact, sleek design fits perfectly in any style of interior.

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