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Alcotester Dräger 4000

Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
Alcotester Dräger 4000
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  • Model: Dräger 4000

The Dräger 4000 breathalyzer is designed for responsible drivers, which provides a reliable way to check the smell of alcohol and guarantees permissible driving. This is ensured by the accurate measurement technology used by the police: more than 30 million alcohol odors are checked each year.

Fast and reliable breathalyzer

Whether after a business lunch, a party or a morning: Thanks to DrägerSensor, you always get an accurate result when measuring your residual alcohol value. The measuring function is simply activated by the illuminated function key. Optional audio feedback provides additional orientation. The device is ready for use in seconds and the breath test can be performed immediately. The same button is used to navigate the menu.

Replaceable mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is intuitive to fit in and under the protected lid. A new mouthpiece should be used for each subject. Additional mouthpieces are available as accessories. The air duct passes exhaled air through the device, and only a small sample of this air is taken for analysis. This ensures that there are no alcohol residues in the unit and that all measurements remain accurate and reliable. The same method is used by the police.

Always ready to use

On cool winter nights or on a hot summer day: the device is ready for use almost immediately. The temperature range for measurements ranges from -5 ° C to +50 ° C.

Longevity of the breathalyzer

The Alcotest 4000 is made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards. Regular calibration of the instrument ensures that the measurement technology remains accurate for a long time. Dräger's worldwide service network ensures that you can use the device for many years.

Technical specifications:

  • Category - Professional breathalyzer;
  • Country of production - Germany;
  • Sensor - Dräger electrochemical;
  • Blow Flow Control - Controls blower intensity, minimum exhaled air volume and time;
  • Test counter - Yes;
  • Temperature sensor - The test is not permitted if the temperature is incorrect. Temperature compensation is used to ensure a particularly accurate result .;
  • Passive test - None;
  • Measurement range - From 0.00 to 5.00 ‰;
  • Units of measurement - Promiles or others (selected via the device menu);
  • Calibration - Electronic calibration (automatic reminder);
  • Calibration frequency - Calibration every 12 months. The device displays a reminder on the screen 30 days before calibration .;
  • Calibration Reminder - Reminder on the screen less than 30 days left;
  • Metrological verification - No possibility;
  • Compliance with standards - Complies with LST EN 15964 standard, has certificates confirming this;
  • Accuracy - ± 0.017 ‰ (up to 1.00 ‰); ± 1.7% (above 1.00 ‰);
  • Display - Graphic LCD with backlight;
  • Screen message language - Lithuanian, or other, is changed via the user menu;
  • Preparation time - About 4 s .;
  • Hygienic use - Replaceable reusable nozzle;
  • Analysis duration - ~ 3 s (at 0.00 ‰); about 10 s (at 1.00 ‰, room temperature);
  • Power supply - 1 x CR123A 3V battery;
  • Economy - about 1500 tests with one set of batteries;
  • Memory - Last 400 tests;
  • Operating temperature - -5 ° C to + 50 ° C;
  • Storage temperature - -20 ° C to 60 ° C;
  • Size - 50mmx133mmx29mm;
  • Weight - 130g with batteries.

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