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DGP-848 Digiplex control panel

DGP-848 Digiplex control panel
DGP-848 Digiplex control panel
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  • Model: DGP-848

48 zones (any combination);
4 areas;
96 user codes;
95 modules (any combination);
1024 Event Memory.

Four-wire GuardWall technology communication bus;
8 wired zone inputs (16 zones - for zone redundancy);
2 integrated PGM outputs (+3 optional);
PGM1 can be used as input for two-wire fire detectors;
1.7A pulsed power supply;
1 controlled siren output and 1 controlled power circuit output;
1 controlled telephone line;

Access Control:
32 doors;
16 schedules with 2 intervals;
16 access levels;
1 year holiday calendar;
Card arming / disarming.

Home Automation:
Up to 125 PGM outputs;
Arming / disarming and PGM control via telephone or remote control;
Remote monitoring and control via installer software.

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