Connecting to a Hikvision Recorder using - InternetExplorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer (for Windows 10 users, see the note at the end of this guide). We enter the IP address instead of the address. If the computer is in the same area as the recording device, then enter the Local IP Address. If you try to connect to the recorder from another location, another city, then enter the external IP address. If you did not install the system yourself, then these addresses will be left to you by the company that installed the video surveillance system.

    In the address field, top left: enter the IP address

    In the fields below:

    User Name - User name

    Password - password

      2.    The first time you log in to the system, you'll need to make one-time settings on that computer (only if you're using Internet Explorer 11). Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen  , and in the menu that opens, select "Compatibility View Settings" (if you are using Lithuanian Windows, you will see "Compatibility View" in the same place)

In the table that opens, click the ADD button, which means Add, and then click Close, which means Close.

3. Also, the first time you connect, your browser will not have a video system plug-in, so you will need to install it (one-time action). Click the link in the middle of the screen that says the plugin is missing, and then click the RUN button to install it like any other program.

4.    After installing the plug-in, press F5 on your keyboard, refresh the page, and in the popup menu, press the Allow button meaning "Allow".

5. To start watching the image, double-click on the existing camera (s) or press the video activation button at the bottom center of the screen to turn on all the cameras in the system at the same time.


    Note that Windows 10 brings up a link to the Windows Edge browser, and you won't be able to see the video using that browser.

    With Windows 10, typing Internet will find the Internet Explorer browser.