AJAX system

If you think that the interior of your home is perfect and any sensors attached to the walls will ruin it, then this system is just for you. Sensors with a modern and modern design will not only look beautiful, but will also protect your home from such unexpected things as water filling.

Smart security system AJAX on your phone

As soon as the AJAX system is activated, you will receive a security message, an SMS message or a call directly to your smartphone. You can also easily control all system functions with your phone: arming and disarming, activating a new detector or changing its sensitivity. The AJAX system will be available to all family members. All messages and reports will be saved.

Install the security system yourself and start using it in just 15 minutes.

You will not need the help of a master to install an AJAX security system. All AJAX detectors are wireless and easy to mount, and system control is extremely easy to understand. However, if you are still unsure and need help, feel free to contact us and we will help. Click here for help.

Protects against theft and fire hazards

The AJAX system not only intelligently detects a moving person, window or door opening, but also detects smoke and sudden temperature spikes.