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AWZ510 PU1 Relay module

AWZ510 PU1 Relay module
AWZ510 PU1 Relay module
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  • Model: AWZ510 PU1
The  PU1  relay  module is  to  be  used  in  low-voltage  installations.  It  is  intended  for  controlling  and  status
indication  in  e.g.  alarm  or  access  control  systems.  It  may  be  used  to  control  devices  of  high  power  consumption
via OC outputs of alarm systems. Moreover,  it  ensures galvanic isolation  of signals, power sources relating  to

the  outputs  of  the  module.  It  features  a  serial  fuse  in  the  circuit  of  the  relay  (C,  NO,  NC).

Voltage of the relay’s coil  10÷16V DC/ 10÷13V AC (-/+5%),
Current of the relay’s coil  33mA@12VDC
Resistance of coil  360 OHM (-/+10%)
Power of coil    400mW
Number of relays  1
Voltage of the relay’s contacts  30VDC / 250VAC max.
Current of the relay’s contacts  1A max.
Contacts of relay  C/NC/NO (leads Φ2.05 mm: AWG 24-12)
ON/OFF time  15ms/8ms (-/+5%)
Operating conditions  2nd environmental class, -10°C÷ 40°C
Enclosure  open-frame design, IP00
Dimensions  W=50, L=43, H=20  [mm, +/-2]
Net/gross weight  0,025 / 0,042 [kg]
Installation:  installation tape or installation bolt x2
Declarations, warranty - CE, RoHS, 2  year from the production date
Notes - leads on connections:Ø 0,41÷1,63 (AWG 26-14),                                                                                       
Ø 0,51÷2,05 (AWG 24-12) - relay contacts

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