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WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco

WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
WiFi wireless camera Reolink Argus Eco
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  • Model: Reolink Argus Eco


Wireless, rechargeable WiFi camcorder with outdoor battery. You can mount the camera anywhere - it only takes 5 minutes!

Important! We recommend that you read the information on selecting and inserting SD cards here.

You can use the Argus Eco camcorder in a wide variety of situations, it will be especially useful for:

  • For yard filming: Watch a live view from anywhere and make sure your children and pets are safe while playing in the yard.
  • For garage or roof monitoring: you will receive instant alarm notifications if someone approaches your car.
  • For observing outdoor shop windows, windows facing the street: take care of the security of your home, cafe or shop around the clock from thieves and vandals (night vision will be useful).
  • For home entrance storage: keep track of what’s available by seeing a clear 1080p Full HD image. Take advantage of mutual sound, greet guests, talk to a courier, scare away suspicious people.

Advantages of Reolink Argus Eco camcorder:

  • 100% wireless WiFi. No worries about wiring. Runs independently over 2.4 Ghz WiFi.
  • Install anywhere: indoors or outdoors, it’s important to have WiFi available.
  • Easy to connect: Download the Reolink app, connect to 2.4 Ghz WiFi and get up and running in minutes.
  • Rechargeable battery. Really long battery life (of course, depends on the conditions of use, so not precisely defined). The battery is mounted in the chamber, not removable.
  • Solar-powered - connect the camera to a Reolink solar battery and you can use it without interruption.
  • 1080p Full HD resolution. Everyday moments clearly and vividly!
  • Night vision. Clear vision in the dark with 4 IR LEDs (up to 10 m).
  • Mutual sound: Communicate interactively with family or visitors directly via the camera.
  • PIR motion sensor. The motion sensor detects an unusual action and issues an alarm.
  • Smart notifications: receive instant messages, emails, real-time alarms.
  • Recordable voice alerts: type the alert you want and it will be used instead of the siren when the camera detects movement (usually turns the feature on and off)
  • Watch live anytime, anywhere: See what's happening in your home (an app on your phone, tablet or PC) anytime.
  • Certified IP65 outdoor resistance. In both sunshine and rain, the Argus Eco camera is ready for extreme conditions.
  • Low battery warning. It is reported when the battery discharge limit reaches 10%, so you will not miss the camera that is no longer working.
  • Wide 100 ° viewing angle. The wider viewing angle allows you to see more. The most suitable installation height is 2-3 m, then the distance of 2-10 m is best reviewed.
  • On-the-go video recording (optional): Insert a micro SD card and recordings will be saved without any additional equipment.
  • Quick wake-up: The camera wakes up from sleep mode as soon as you want to see a live image or capture motion.
  • Innovative and thoughtful installation tools. The kit includes everything you may need to mount the camera anywhere, in any condition.

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