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Ajax Socket smart power socket with energy saving (black)

Ajax Socket smart power socket with energy saving (black)
Ajax Socket smart power socket with energy saving (black)
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  • Model: Ajax Socket (juodas)

Switch on / off with the help of the app
Energy saving
Equipment overload and short circuit protection
Comfortable and smart lifestyle:
Make your home smart with just a few appliances. With a smart socket, you turn on the air conditioner, humidifier or heat while you’re away and return to a comfortable home. Don't worry about appliances being turned off - energy-consuming household items (iron, kettle, TV, etc.) will be turned off at the touch of a button.
Versatile and compact
The Ajax Socker smart plug fits all F-type EU sockets. Compact and versatile, specially designed to fit all extension cords, electrical outlets, plugs. Suitable for connecting any household appliances. In addition, the smart plug connects to the smart control panel to find so-called "energy vampires" (devices that use a lot of energy) and gives a signal.
Extends device life:
The smart plug protects devices from damage due to mains problems. The smart plug automatically shuts off the power supply to devices and electronics if the power is too high or too low, and you receive a power failure warning via SMS and Push messages. After the power supply is normalized, the smart plug starts operating automatically.

Technical specifications:

  • Classification: radio controlled relays
  • Operation: with smart control panels Hub and Hub Plus
  • Trigger element: electromagnetic relay
  • External power supply voltage and type: 230 V ± 10% AC 50 Hz
  • 230 V supply voltage protection: Yes, 184-253 V
  • Relay life: 200,000 revolutions
  • Maximum current: 11 A (continuous), 13 A (up to 5 s)
  • Maximum protection: yes, 11 A if the protection is on, up to 13 A if the protection is off
  • Maximum temperature protection: Yes, + 85 ° C. Automatic shutdown when temperature is exceeded
  • Electric shock protection class: Class I (with earth terminal)
  • Electricity metering f: ja: +
  • Checking energy consumption parameters: current, voltage, energy consumption
  • Alarm operation: 0.15 s
  • Load indicator: +
  • Output power (motor load 230 V): up to 2.5 kW
  • Average standby power consumption: less than 1 W
  • Communication protocol: Jeweler 868.0-868.6 MHz
  • Operates at temperatures: 0 ° C to + 64 ° C
  • Moisture resistance: Up to 75%
  • Protection class of body: IP20
  • Size: 65.5 x 45 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 58 g

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