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Smoke generator Concept Titan Ti55

Smoke generator Concept Titan Ti55
Smoke generator Concept Titan Ti55
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The Sentinel S100 has the largest heater block in the range. This allows for an incredibly long production of security fog. Huge areas can be protected by the S100. Additionally, the large mass of steel acts as an energy store in the event of a mains power cut - the S100 is capable of a minimum of 90 minutes operation on battery power.
Technical specifications: 
Specification S100
First burst length Normal - 360 seconds Turbo - 135 seconds
Fog generation settings 5 seconds to 6 minutes
Performance by volume* 1400m3 per minute
Application Large retail / warehouse
Fluid container up to 5 litre
Fluid measurement Low and empty sensor / Microprocessor
Number of 60 second activations for a standard fitted fluid volume up to 5
Retrigger mode Yes
Mains connection 110 / 230V
Heater power 2 x 0.8kW (twin)
Standby consumption in normal mode (average) 100W
Standby consumption in energy saving mode (average) 80W
Heating time from cold 20 minute
Maximum Re-heating time after first activation 2 minutes 35 seconds
Operating temperature min/max -10 to +50°C
Inputs 4
Outputs 7
Programming LCD programming interface
Off mains facility Yes
Off mains fault monitoring Yes
Off mains capability 90 minutes
Indications Visual, audible, analogue and digital
External status indicator Yes
On board data log Yes - 1,000 events
Dimensions 47(h) x 13(d) x 31(w) cm
Install weight (pre-install / total) 20kg / 23kg
Interchangeable nozzles / anti-raid Yes
EN Certified Yes

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